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The FairShare Foundation, Inc. (FSF), founded in the United States in 2002, raises funds from multiple sources and seeks to provide its corporate partners and affluent consumers with a convenient and effective mechanism for putting meaningful amounts of resources into socially-productive investments that strengthen disadvantaged communities around the world, helping them to establish a successful commercial activity and improve their quality-of-life.

The projects financed by the FSF are carefully analyzed for their economic feasibility and prospects of success.
The FairShare Foundation is organized and managed on a non-profit basis and operates exclusively to further human, social and economic development. We work with principles and methods aimed at minimizing overhead and administrative costs, maximizing the share of resources flowing to the Fund’s investment portfolio, and maximizing the recovery of the Fund’s investments over time so as to ensure the continued future growth of the Fund’s resources and their continued re-investment in new projects. When and if a project is unsuccessful or does not produce the expected results, the FSF loses the invested resources.
The FairShare Foundation, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of USA as a tax-free institution, under section 501 (c) (3) of the U.S tax code.
The FSF and Fundación COMPARTA raise funds from the following sources:
  • Granting corporations license to use the FSF Seal on their branded products.
  • Direct donations received from individuals, institutions and corporations. (Tax exemption is currently granted to donors in the United States and El Salvador).
  • Operating surpluses that may be generated by activities managed by the FSF, for example, the international marketing of handicrafts, musical instruments and other products made by SMEs.

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